GIE Expo Recap

Each fall, we attend the GIE + Expo in Louisville!  If you are a new reader, we own a lawn care & landscape company and this is a big lawn & landscape expo.  There are tons of vendors and exhibits inside where we are able to check out new equipment and talk to people about their products.  Outside, there are more than 19 acres with all the equipment you can imagine to try! 

We love sneaking away for a few days to find new ideas and just to spend some time together after a crazy summer with our business.

Our trip started out with a little bit of a rough start because when we arrived at our hotel, we found out that they had overbooked the hotel and we were kicked out to another hotel for the night.  Extremely frustrating, especially since we arrived so late, but it was what it was so we went to our new hotel for the first night and then moved back to our original hotel for the rest of the trip.

We were so excited to arrive & start checking things out!

So many things to see!  We love being able to see new equipment & products we're thinking about buying up close and having the opportunity to ask the companies about their products and equipment directly. 

One of our favorite trips we take together all year!

It's so hard to show you in pictures how big the expo is!  It is so big and takes all day just to walk through the inside portion.

I found a lemonade shake up & Santa!  One happy girl right there :)  Also, after 2 years of wearing boots/booties for fashion reasons, I caved to Jared's suggestion of comfy shoes. I purchased these right before we left & walked in them all day long each day and they were SO comfortable!

After a long day, we grabbed a yummy dinner and then stopped in the Cheesecake Factory to grab some dessert! We put our feet up and had cheesecake with a TV show before crashing for the night. 

Ready to take on day 2!

19 acres of equipment to test out & play with!

So much fun with this guy!

Even I checked out and drove a tractor!

After a second long day, we grabbed dinner and crashed.  We were exhausted!  The next morning, we did a little trailer shopping and then grabbed lunch before heading home.

We had such a great trip!  We learned a ton, had the opportunity to ask a lot of questions and tested out a lot of equipment we needed to evaluate.  It was a busy trip but a fun one and much needed time away together.


  1. What a bummer you had to hop back and forth between hotels! Cheesecake sounds like the perfect way to end the first day, though!

  2. Ugh did they at least compensate you for the bump?? They should!!!! Glad you all had a great time in spite of the hotel mishap!