New Wellness Plan

I am finally ready to share my new wellness plan with you all!  I believe true wellness is so much more than just food & exercise, but truly everything from the inside out.  I'm going to go over everything from a 20,000 foot view and then will be writing about these in much greater detail in my new Tackling the Essentials series (you can see the first post about how I tackle laundry here).


I have always tried to incorporate exercise where I can but since my health issues started I have been really hit and miss on this one.  Not anymore!  I started working with a trainer at my gym to develop a plan that would work for me.

I am going to be swimming two nights a week, doing his workout once or twice and then supplementing with runs or walks on my own when I can fit them in.  I'm totally on board with this plan!  I love all of these types of workouts so being able to incorporate them all each week will keep me from being bored.  Also, this plan doesn't require a workout every day like some video programs I had tried.  I have the flexibility to work these around my schedule and that makes me enjoy them more.  I sat down at the beginning of last week and put my workouts in my planner and I stuck to it.  Planning them into my week before it starts keeps me on track but I also know that if I need more time one day, I can just squeeze in a run and move my longer workouts to a different day.


I have talked before about dropping 20 pounds two summers ago.  I signed up for Weight Watchers and knocked off 20 in about 5 months.  I loved it!  After I started gaining, I signed up for WW again and it was a new system - Smart Points.  I hated it.  Any slip or treat cost a TON of points and it made me feel deprived and it just didn't work.  I tried the 21 day fix - no thank you.  I spent more time planning my food to fit containers than I did actually eating it. 

Knowing I need to lose some weight again, I longed for the days of Weight Watchers points plus.  I had heard a rumor that there was an app where you could track this way a long time ago so I started researching and found it!  The iTrack Bites app allows you to use the points plus, smart points or calorie counting plans.  It doesn't call them that because that would probably get them in trouble but for $3.99 (plus a few in-app purchases to get all the features which only totaled $10) I had my old system back!  Considering Weight Watchers is $20 a month, a one-time purchase of $10 was exciting!  I am back to tracking using this plan and love it.


Mental health is so important & we do not do enough to take care of it. I have been feeling SO burnt out lately.  There's just so much going on.  If working full-time and starting a new business, being married, trying to be a good family member and friend, and being involved in church isn't already enough, being inundated with technology and the negativity of the world is just too much. 

I work on a computer all day and run my planner business from my phone and I'm honestly tired of looking at a screen.  I'm trying to be more conscious of reducing the amount of time I'm looking at my phone or watching TV.  Spending more time just being, reading a book or taking a walk makes me feel so much less anxious, more calm and feeling a lot more capable.  I think technology causes anxiety.  I really do.  I also think it allows us to sit around and compare ourselves to other people all day long and that's not healthy either.

I am learning to take the time to sleep, relax, read a book, work on my devotional or to just get outside.  I'm not perfect at this by any means but I am putting a larger focus on it and the better I get at it, the better I feel.  There is only so much I can do in a day and I'm so exhausted with us judging our days by how much we've gotten accomplished.  How crazy is that?!  Instead, I'm trying to ask myself 2 things: 1) am I proud of how I've acted and handled myself today and 2) did I glorify Jesus?  If both of those are a yes, then I don't care (as much) about what I marked off my to-do list. 

This all might sound like it's taking time away which would make me less productive, right?  Wrong.  I might not accomplish as much but I'm doing a better job on what I'm getting done and am more efficient.  I am by no means an expert on this but I do feel like I'm improving each day.


You might read beauty and think what does that have to do with wellness?  Well, a lot.  The products you use affect your skin and your internal organs which plays into wellness.  Also, I truly believe when we take care of ourselves from the inside and the outside we feel the most confident.  I'm not a beauty blogger, I'm not a makeup expert and to be quite honest if I was rich & famous the first selfish purchase I would make (after paying off any debt and taking care of my whole family and making lots of donations) would be a hair & makeup team.  I hate getting ready everyday & would gladly pay someone else to do it for me while I read a book or just sat still for 5 minutes.

I have really put a lot less emphasis on this stuff the past 6 months and it was evident.  My skin was getting cruddy, my eczema flares up routinely and I just haven't felt put together.  I am currently getting facials about once a month which is definitely helping.  I am doing 1000x better at taking my makeup off before I go to bed each night and drinking lots of water which is making a huge difference in my skin.

I want to continue doing the things I am that are working but also focus on taking time to do the little things that just make me feel better.  Actually taking the time to put on lotion every day instead of just the spots that are exposed in that day's outfit.  (Please tell me I'm not the only one?)  Finding makeup & skin care that's healthier for my body but that also works for my skin and makes me feel more confident.  Taking time to paint my nails.  Seriously, I've been talking about painting my nails for 6 weeks at this point but I never take the time.  Also, on that topic, I've heard that the Butter London polish is way safer than traditional to use.  Does anyone use it or have color recommendations?

I have already started working on my goals in all of these categories but wanted to get them in writing to share with you all.  As I stated above, I will be going into much more detail about all of these in my Tackling the Essentials series as I get a better handle on each.  I will be posting updates on all of these as I go so stay tuned!


  1. Yes to all this! I am so happy for you that you are putting yourself first and taking care of you! That's so important. Also can't wait to hear more about all these things - you know I am in major need of some new skin care / make up, too!

  2. I think it's great that you're doing a whole being approach. We aren't just exercise and food...mental is important too!

  3. Yes to all of this!! Mental health is just as important as food and exercise. And it's always good to take a take a break from technology. I totally agree that it can cause anxiety. I too have been trying to not be so attached to my phone. And if i was rich, I too would hire a hair and makeup team! haha

  4. Yes to it all! And I feel like I have such similar goals! I've been pretty good about eating healthier and working out more but I really need to disconnect from my devices more! I get such bad headaches, plus I'd rather have actual face time with my husband and pup! haha