Tackling the Essentials: Laundry

I am starting a new blog series today called Tackling the Essentials, where I am going to talk about different essentials in our daily lives and share my favorite tips, life hacks, how I do them, etc.  We'll be talking about household stuff, beauty, style, health, faith, everything.  I have been working on these for a while and I hope you all will enjoy these posts!  I know I love seeing how other people do things so I hope you all will enjoy a glimpse into how we handle this stuff in our house.  Maybe you'll pick up a tip or two or maybe you have a better approach and can give me a tip in the comments below!  Let's learn from each other and make our crazy lives a little bit easier and more efficient :)

Laundry may not be a rocking good time, but it is essential to an efficient household.  We do not have a fancy laundry room.  Not even close.  Our washer & dryer are in our garage and I use a three bin sorter like this in our guest room to hold our laundry.  I have two baskets I use to tote it back and forth.  You don't have to have a Pinterest worthy laundry room to take care of your family's laundry (although who would turn one down?  Not this girl.)

We have five categories of laundry in our house:

1. Towels
2. Casual Clothes 
(Underwear, Socks, T-shirts, Workout Clothes)
3. Dress Clothes
4. Jared's Mowing Clothes 
(hello grass)
5. Sheets

I truly do not understand how we create so much laundry with only TWO people in this house because you would think we wear three outfits each a day the way laundry piles up.  I used to just do laundry on the weekends.  Bad, bad idea.  I would wear myself out doing 6-7 loads of laundry at least each weekend and it would monopolize all my free time.  No way.

I started doing one load a day about a year ago and it has been life changing.  Yes, I just said something about laundry was life changing.  In our household, it was.  I can handle folding one load a day (most days) and this way we typically aren't running out of what we need.  Sometimes life gets crazy and this doesn't happen but 99% of the time, we do at least one load a day.  

I used to be the laundry police.  EVERYTHING MUST BE SEPARATED.  Like dark casual, light casual.  Dark dressy, light dressy.  Now I don't even recognize myself!  Okay, I didn't change that much but I got over the color separation and you know what?!  Our laundry is FINE.  I wash all the casual together and all the dressy together.  I wash them with cold water and no problems thus far.  

When we have about half a load of casual and half a load of towels, I'll sometimes get really rebellious and throw those in together!  I know, I know.  I'm such a rebel.  But 3 years ago, none of those things would ever have happened.

Something else I started using - detergent pods.  They are a little pricier but gosh they're just so much easier & less messy.  In this season, I'll take all the little wins I can get.  I throw in 1-2 of those depending on the load size, my favorite fabric softener and let the washer go to town.  

I am very strict about dressy clothes only getting fluffed in the dryer and then hung inside to dry.  It definitely makes your nice clothes hold up longer!  This is one reason I want the fancy Pinterest laundry room one day.  Jared and I both are tired of clothes hanging to dry on all the door knobs in our house on dressy laundry day.  But for now, it works.

As far as drying, I am currently using up these dryer sheets.  After they are gone, I purchased some wool dryer balls that I am going to try with a little essential oil on them.

We wash sheets on Sunday.  We love clean sheet night!  What better night to have fresh sheets than Sunday night?  It's so refreshing to go to bed on clean, crisp sheets to start the week off right!

I will say my preferred laundry method especially now that it's getting cooler, is to put a load in right before we go to bed and then dry it in the morning while I'm getting ready.  OR to put a load in first thing in the morning and dry it when I get home from work.  We don't have a fancy washing machine and can't set timers to start automatically and it doesn't bother me at all.  This method works great!  I haven't had a load smell yet, but I don't do this as much when it's crazy hot in the summer.

My favorite way to fold laundry is while watching something on the DVR.  It makes the time pass.  I really don't mind folding laundry (I'm crazy, I know).  Blame it on my love for organization. I love to neatly fold things and put them where they go.  When we get overwhelmingly busy and a load has to sit unfolded for long, it drives me crazy so that doesn't happen very often.  I'd rather lose 5 more minutes of sleep and wake up to my laundry put away.  Seriously.

That's how we tackle laundry in our house!  How do you handle this chore?  Any tips or tricks to share?!  


  1. It's kind of funny, because I pretty much do laundry opposite of what you do! I like to get it done all in one day - there is just something to me about having an empty hamper, even if just few hours! I usually do my laundry Sunday. I start a load first thing, then am usually finished by afternoon. I almost always do my sheets on Monday - it helps me to make sure I actually fold my towels and get them out of the dryer since they are always my last load on Sundays!

  2. Yes, where does all the laundry come from?! ;) I try and do a load of laundry everyday as well. I don't feel so overwhelmed by one load and it makes it easier to put away. My friend bought one of those towel drying racks, and she brings that out when she has things to air dry... might be an idea so your door knobs are free. ;)

  3. I do one load of laundry per day, too, and it has really helped us! I get really overwhelmed by loads and loads of laundry to do (e.g. after our beach trip) and doing one load per day has really helped calm my anxiety over it AND helps mitigate the "Where are my ______?" questions, too!

  4. I LOVED this post! I am on the exact same page with you when it comes to laundry. I started doing a load today and it was life changing and time saving. I also had to let go of my laundry police ways ;)

  5. I like to do a load every 1-2 days so I can feel on top of it. I get stressed out when the hamper starts getting full! And I like having the tv on while I fold clothes too! I always fold them on my bed no matter what.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. I used to separate my clothes and do different loads. And then we had a baby and seemed to do laundry every day or every other day lol. So now it's just a big load and washed on cold hahah

  7. We don't separate except for the bigger stuff like sheets & towels - but everything else get's lumped together and we sort of do it every weekend - usually Friday nights when we're home and relaxing LOL!

  8. I don't make must laundry so I do it every couple weeks and have maybe 3 loads total. But last year I did get this plaque to hang on the wall for lost socks. I have to say it came in handy as I add new misguided socks each load and often times reunite a pair. At least when I find the lost one I know where the other one is located. I've even seen people string them up like a small clothesline on the wall and clip them on there with a clothespin. Super cute! My laundry policies are getting more loose as my time is diminishing as well. I think one load a night would be much more do-able if I had more. My problem lately is putting it away. I need to clean out the closets and drawers so there would be a place to put them away to.