Thanksgiving 2017

Time for some blogging catch up!! I'm finally getting around to sharing our Thanksgiving!  Between a trip right after, holiday preparations, both of us getting sick and working around the clock on Peacock Paper, this little space has fallen behind!

We spent Thanksgiving morning watching the parade and preparing for lunch.  Lunch was spent at my aunt's house!  I love getting together with our family.  Always lots of laughs and fun!  It's been a long year for our family.  Cancer and sickness for several but we were all there and on the upswing so we have much to be thankful for. 

 We even had a little wedding celebration!  These two (my aunt and her husband) snuck off and eloped the week before so we had a little cake & toast to celebrate!

Y'all my aunt is the bomb.  She went back to school a few years ago to become an aesthetician and now owns her own salon and runs her skincare business.  I am so proud of her!  Not only does she give the best facials but she provides such inspiration to my life. 

I didn't take very many photos this day because I was just enjoying everyone!  Here is my Grandad with some of his ladies!  Does he look 89 to you?  Not. A. Wrinkle.  I hope that runs in the family genes all the way down to me :)

So thankful that this guy felt well enough to join us! We were rocking a sinus infection and an infected tear duct but we still enjoyed our turkey :)

For fun, a little behind the scenes capture!  Everyone was making me laugh by their reactions to Jared's frustration at having to take another photo.  This is me explaining to everyone that one day they'll thank me because I'll be the only reason we have photos to look at!

After a yummy lunch and lots of visiting, we rolled ourselves into the car and met up with Jared's dad at his house to watch the Cowboys game.  It was a disappointing game but we enjoyed watching it and then headed home to pack.  The next morning we snuck away for a much needed weekend getaway to Indianapolis!


  1. Looks like fun! Great photo of the two of you!

  2. What a fun Thanksgiving!! So glad that y'all got to go even though Jared wasn't feeling well

  3. I cannot help but laugh at the 'outtake'. That is me, too! I am always saying we need to take pictures and everyone grumbles and tries to get out of it! But they will appreciate it one day. :)