2018 Goals + January Monthly Goals

I love the fresh start to the New Year.  I'm not a big NYE girl but I LOVE sitting down reflecting on the prior year, thinking through what I want to accomplish in the coming year and setting goals for how I want to achieve those things.  I decided to share this year's goals with you all to help hold me accountable and to give you a glimpse into my goal setting process.

When I sit down to plan my goals, I always start with making a big list on posterboard of all my thoughts, dreams, goal ideas, etc.



- focus on our marriage word of the year: rest
- plan & book trips for the year (try to finish plans by end of 1st quarter)
- incorporate bible study on a daily basis
- significantly improve health symptoms by focusing on lifestyle changes
- finish purging closets/drawers in our house, unstuff completely
- really focus on savoring time spent with Jared & my family
- make a large dent in emergency savings goal
- eat from home more
- organize digital photos & finish trip and yearbook photo books
- work towards a capsule wardrobe

- get in a good workout regimen
- restart WW and stick to the points system
- aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night
- reduce time spent on social media/scrolling the internet to improve productivity
- read 2 books
- finalize 2018 budget



- expand shop with new products
- grow blog & business Instagram accounts to 10,000 followers each
- continue to post on blog regularly and grow that following
- decide on wholesale expansion/shows
- improve photography skills/photos for blog, website, & IG


- decide on new products for Spring/Summer/Fall 2018 release
- start monthly/quarterly newsletter for blog & planners
- finish selling off final inventory and look into women's assistance organizations to donate excess inventory to
- reach 1000 IG followers for Peacock Paper & 4000 for personal account

I'm sure more goals will come as the year progresses but this is my starting point for 2018!  I plan on checking in with my monthly goals and updating progress on my annual ones each month.  


  1. I absolutely love that you are going to look into a women's program for any leftover planners. That is such an awesome idea! Good luck with all your goals!

  2. All of your girls are so perfect! We also have a savings goal that we're trying to hit after buying our house last year and finalizing our trip that we're taking in March! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Great list! Sleep is huge for me, so your goal of 7-9 hours each night is perfect!
    Green Fashionista

  4. Great goals! I love looking at the year like a blank canvas. Sleep, eating well and working out are three of my favorites!

  5. Love all of your goals and that you made goals for both your personal life and business! Eating cleaner and working out more are two of my goals this year as well!