2018 Wellness Plan

I blogged about Wellness being my word for 2018 (see that post here) and shared my 2018 & January monthly goals (see that post here) and I decided today to share my new wellness plan with you all!  I am just basing this on conversations with my doctors and their recommendations as well as research I have done and what I know has helped me before.  I plan to blog about my journey with each aspect of this as I go to hold myself accountable and hopefully help anyone else who is working on their wellness and health.  I cover a variety of things below that all have an affect on my personal health in on way or another.  I am trying to look at the big picture of everything that influences my wellness journey and make adjustments where they are needed.


This is one area that I have totally failed at lately.  I have been eating the most random things throughout the day and eating way too much of it.  I think the cold weather is just making me crave warm & filling foods and I've indulged too much. 

I have decided to start tracking with Weight Watchers again.  I lost a ton of weight a few years ago using their program.  I gained it back, plus a few, during my health struggles the past few years but I know their program works for me.  I tried to start tracking a few weeks ago but just didn't feel totally committed yet.  Now, I'm ready to track full force!

My doctors stressed to me that the best "diet" or eating style for me and my health issues would be paleo.  As a person with chronic fatigue syndrome, as much as I love them (and I mean LOVE), carbs are just not good for me. Now, I'm realistic enough to realize I won't be able to do this 100% right away.  It's a huge adjustment.  I do want to start eating more along the lines of this eating regimen though.  More focus on whole foods and a great reduction in how much processed foods I eat.  Even if I can't ever get fully paleo, I would like to get to at least an 80/20 balance. 

My nutrition goals for this first month are:

- reach water goal daily (at least 110 ounces)
- majorly cut down on processed food & salt usage
- incorporate more whole foods & veggies into each meal
- reduce carb intake
- track everything I eat in my WW app


Exercise has been hit or miss!  I've been swimming a few times each week but it has been inconsistent.  My doctors want me doing intense cardio 5 times each week so I obviously need to up my workouts.  I just get so tired!  Granted, they told me that I would feel worse before I feel better and that I needed to get a good support system in place.  That's another reason why I'm sharing this with you all, my family and friends.  On the days it's hard and I don't want to do it because my body is so tired it hurts, I want to be able to push myself to do it because there are lots of people holding me accountable. 

I am going to keep swimming a few times a week.  My in-laws bought me the treadmill I wanted for Christmas so I'm going to add running/walking on it at least 3-4 times a week as well.  I know I need to add strength training in but my goal is to get consistent on my cardio first.  I'll try to add in some pushups, ab work and squats where I can to help on muscle building.

My exercise goals for this month are:
- swim at least 2x per week
- run/walk on treadmill 3-4x per week
- charge polar loop or fitbit (I own and love both) and start wearing consistently to track steps 


Sleep is so important for anyone but I have to be extra cognizant of my sleep because of my heart and fatigue.  I sleep well once I fall asleep but I'm a night owl.  I love to stay up late and work on projects and struggle to quit working and go to bed.  I need to choose a consistent bedtime and try to go to bed at the same time each day and get my body on a good rhythm.  It would probably be easier to get those projects done during the day if I was more well rested.

My sleep goals for this month are:
- try to set & stick to a consistent bedtime
- find an alarm sound that doesn't require me setting 15 alarms to wake me up
- consistently wear mouthguard while sleeping for teeth grinding
- power down phone & put it away from the bed so it doesn't disturb sleep


Mental wellness is so important and something I think we all need to focus on more.  I didn't realize how big of a deal this was until I dealt with some serious anxiety at the end of last year (you can read more about that here).  We are so go-go-go in our society and act like self-care is something for special days only.  In reality, we should be focused on self-care and taking care of ourselves every day.  When you feel good, you do better work, you're more fun for people to be around and more productive.

My mental goals for this month are:
- continuing to read at least a little each day
- work on journaling or coloring in my adult coloring book when I need a mental break
- Batch scheduling email and text messages (only check a few times a day instead of constant interruptions)
- reduce background noise to focus more on task at hand


I personally believe that spiritual health is the most important!  When I'm spending time in the Word with the Lord, I feel much more grounded, confident and at peace.  In turn, this allows me to be a better wife, family member, friend and employee.  Too often, I let the busyness of life pull me away from spending time with God each day and I want to stop letting that happen so easily.

My spiritual goals for this month are:
- spend time with the Lord daily
- continue my daily devotional
- write down my prayer list each day
- look for ways each day to show other people the love of Jesus


If there is one thing I realized as we ended 2017, it's that my schedule needed a revamp!  I was procrastinating on things and not working ahead and then had a million last minute things waiting on me.  I never felt on top of anything last year and that's not normally me at all.  I am spending time this week with my posterboard (my go-to for getting big ideas organized) finishing up writing out every single thing I need to do and prioritizing.  Once I do that, I want to start creating a schedule of certain things to work on each day to stay on top of what needs to be done.  Pre-scheduling & writing social media & blog posts is a big part of that.  I want to work on building my brand and need to have a schedule to stay on top of that work and make it happen.  Scheduling in exercise and self-care time will hold me accountable to making that happen as well.

I'm a creature of habit and operate at my best when I have a schedule for myself to get things done.  I need to really utilize my planner and schedule all of these tasks in to keep myself from feeling so overwhelmed.  When I get overwhelmed, I stop taking care of myself and I'm trying to put practices in place to keep myself from doing that.

My scheduling goals for this month are:
- finalizing overall to-do list
- get on content planning & picture schedule
- set deadlines for Peacock Paper product decision & ordering
- schedule in time to workout & for self-care
- work on setting time blocks for different tasks

These are the areas I feel like I really need to work on in 2018 to really improve my overall wellness.  I'm excited to come back to this topic each month and update you on my progress, what works & what doesn't and how I'm feeling health-wise overall.  If you have any tips or thoughts on any of the topics discussed above, tell me in the comments below!


  1. Are you incorporating more whole30ish recipes, too? I know it will be so hard to drastically change your lifestyle but you can do it!!! I hate the treadmill with everything inside me BUT when I have to use it I have a few tricks to help me pass the time by. If I'm running on it, I listen to a podcast. I cannot do music because it gets on my nerves and a podcast is something that doesn't repeat itself haha!! Text me if you need some good recs! And if I want to burn a ton of calories (more than running) in 20-30 min, I will walk on a really high incline. If I'm not listening to a podcast doing that, I'm watching vlogs on youtube! They make the time go by so fast! Good luck with your new changes and I will be praying for you!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I am totally with Sarah on walking at a super high incline - that is the best! And same with diet - I need to work on cutting out some of those dang carbs. I love them so much, haha. You got this those - I know it! And I am always here for accountability. Goodness knows I need it, too!

  3. There is so much on your blog that I can't wait to read! I am super interested in health - food so please do post if you do go for the paleo diet - would love to see what you think of it. Looking forward to reading about your planners and how to do a gallery wall too - if you saw my walls you would laugh - all mis-matching frames and wonky pictures. Europafox x