Christmas in Indy

Before I start recapping our trip, I want to share this so you'll understand more of why it was so needed: 2017 was a long year.  It had a lot of high points but it had some challenging ones too.  We made a lot of memories but we also worked our tails off.  We have people tell us pretty often how cool it is that we've started our own businesses, etc. and yes, it's really cool.  We love being entrepreneurs.  BUT having two extra businesses on top of already challenging full-time jobs isn't easy.  At all.  It takes a toll on us in a lot of ways.  It's exhausting, expensive, time consuming (aka less time with family, friends and each other) and takes a toll on our sleep, health, relationships and more. 

By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, Jared was crazy busy with finishing up our lawn care clients projects for the fall.  I was not so patiently awaiting planners to arrive (they didn't come until 3 days before Christmas!) and trying to prepare our house for all the holiday gatherings in December.  I had another specialist appointment coming up and we were both just flat out exhausted. 

We chose it and I'm not complaining at all. We just had some pretty big epiphany level conversations lately about what we want our life to look like in 2018 vs. 2017.  I just want to be honest with you all and not make you think that being business owners is just so glamorous and life is great all the time, blah blah blah.  We are making changes to our home, schedules, businesses and routines to hopefully have a more enjoyable and not so stressed and hectic 2018. If you all want to hear more on this subject, let me know!

Thankfully, we had this little getaway planned way in advance and were so happy to sneak out of town for some time together!  We had an amazing time.  We soaked up Christmas festivities, lots of sleep and spent the weekend reconnecting. 

Our view as we arrived in Indy!

We were so excited to see the downtown area lit up for Christmas!  The lighting took place the night we arrived.  They even had fireworks!  We didn't walk down there to see it live since neither of us wanted to fight the crowd but we did walk there later that night and it was beautiful!

We stayed at the Hyatt downtown and it was the perfect location!  We love staying downtown in Indy because we are within walking distance of everything and if we want to do something in a nearby suburb it's a short drive.

After checking in, we decided to go check out Christmas at the Zoo!  Since it wasn't dark yet, we walked around to see all the animals.  The Indianapolis Zoo isn't huge but it was really nice and had a lot of exhibits.

Much needed time away with my favorite guy!

How cool is this?!  I told Jared we need one of these (on a smaller scale) for our Christmas décor.

They had the cutest little Christmas Village set up with reindeer, a huge fireplace, a bridge of lights and Mr. & Mrs. Claus.  So cool!

After leaving the zoo, we decided to go check out the Carmel Christkindlmarket.  I'm not going to lie, this one was a bit of a let down.  It was really cool to see & very pretty but the booths were small and hard to get to and we're just not German food people so we ended up grabbing dinner downtown after we left.

We grabbed dinner and then walked down to see the lights!  Such a fun first day!

The next day, we grabbed lunch at a sports bar downtown to watch the Louisville game!

After the game, we headed to Zionsville for their Christmas parade and festivities.  I fell in love with Zionsville on our last trip!  Jared said I fall in love with any town with a brick street, hot chocolate and a great Christmas Festival.  That would be 100% true!  I would happily live in a town like the ones in Hallmark Christmas movies :)

The parade was fun and afterwards we decided to check out Lights at the Brickyard!

A 2 mile path of Christmas lights (partially on the race track!) was so cool!  We were both pleasantly surprised with how much we enjoyed driving through it and definitely plan on visiting it again!

We were able to drive over the bricks and the NASCAR fan girl in me was super pumped!

Afterwards, we decided our dream night was Christmas movies and takeout so that's exactly what we did.  A date night in with zero distractions was the perfect way to end the night!

We had such a good time and were so thankful for this trip!  We have fallen in love with Indy more each visit and plan to travel there again sometime this year.  There are so many great things to do there!  If you know of any other good things we haven't done yet, please let me know!  It's such an easy drive for a weekend getaway for us!


  1. I wish I would have known that Indy had all that to offer when I was there 2 years ago! I was impressed with the part of the city I saw! So glad y'all got to get away and spend time together :)
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. You know I am a fan of Indy, too! My SIL told us about the lights at the racetrack and I think that would just be so cool! My brother's fam absolutely loves the zoo. And Mass Ave is a great place to walk around. Lots of shops and restaurants. And if you guys ever want a drink (I know you don't, but if Jared does. :) ), the Sun King brewery is neat, and there is also a winery by there, which has a neat little tour and tastings!

  3. What a fun trip!! My sister really liked it there (except when it's -10 degrees ha!) and said there's always something going on.

  4. Sounds like Indy has lots of neat Christmas things to see/do. I have not spent much time in Indy but might consider it now around the holidays.

  5. I'm so glad that you took that time and that you're trying to figure out the balance. Everyone thinks being the boss is so glamorous, but it's HARD. It's hard in SO many ways.... and owning your own businesses is STRESSFUL. I'd love to read more about this as you go because I can 100% relate.