One Word 2018

I love choosing a word each year!  I have lots of goals for 2018 (which I will also share this week) but I like to pick one word that represents my main goal for the year.  When making decisions throughout the year, I like being able to ask myself "will this help me work towards my word for the year?"  Having a word holds me accountable and in this crazy busy life I need that. 

I first discussed choosing my word for the year in 2014 in this post here.  I really succumbed to my word that year, Surrender.  My goal was to truly surrender to God's plan and sit back and see what he wanted me to do.  Well, I started a new job, got engaged, bought a house, married Jared and ended the year with another job offer that I ultimately accepted. I call that year's word a success!  The past few years I have chosen one but haven't really felt committed to it like I did in 2014.

In 2018, I decided that I wanted to have a word I felt fully committed to for the coming year.  It's not a secret that the past two years have been plagued with health issues for me.  I hate that my health took a tumble but am thankful for the empathy and understanding I have gained for others through the process and the clarity I have received of what really matters.  You see, I've always been healthy.  Yes, a cold or sinus infection here or there and MRSA (that one was scary) but nothing really life changing.  Until 2016.  My health kept getting worse and worse.  I gained all the weight I had been so excited to lose in 2015 back plus more.  I felt so tired ALL THE TIME.  I had what they believe now was a clot that led to mini-strokes.  I underwent tons of tests, talked to lots of specialists and finally came to a diagnosis.  I talk more about Chronic Fatigue here. 

I had never experienced something like what I went through and people go through MUCH WORSE every day.  It really opened my eyes to how many people are silently suffering.  I tell Jared all the time that the biggest thing that sucks about my heart issues and CFS is that no one can tell I'm hurting by looking at me.   I may feel like I've been hit by a truck and feel horrible but other than dull skin and dark circles hidden under my makeup, you can't tell.  In a way this is great because I try to hide it as much as I can.  On the flipside, it makes it hard because people forget and don't understand when you're super tired or don't feel like doing anything. 

Towards the end of 2017, I was suffering from anxiety so bad that I felt like I was losing my mind (you can read my honest thoughts on that here).  I found ways to cope and feel a lot better now.  I ended up at the doctor again with of all things an infected tear duct.  Probably from the ridiculous amount of crying I was doing when no one was around (feeling exhausted 24/7 at 28 with no kids yet and still in what should be my "prime" scared me to death).  I have always been the girl who could handle everything and suddenly I felt like I couldn't handle anything.  My life felt totally out of my control.

My practitioner came in and asked me how I was really doing.  I may or may not have just opened my mouth and told him every crazy thought that had been going through my head.  He looked at me and said "you don't have to live like this."  For the first time, someone was giving me positive news about my diagnosis and helped me put together a game plan back to better.  In full disclosure, he told me I was going to feel a lot worse before I felt better.  I didn't care.  I finally had a glimmer of hope that things could improve.

I knew that a drastic life change wasn't going to happen during Christmas break so I just did the best I could to eat healthy and exercise when I could.  Once 2018 was dawning on the horizon, I sat down to really take stock of what I wanted for 2018 to decide on a word.  I felt an intense need to do serious goal setting for this year and to get focused on what I really wanted/needed to achieve.  I am a little behind on starting on attacking my goals for the year but I feel refreshed and ready now!  I just needed some downtime after the New Year to finish shipping planners and get our house back  together. 

The word I have chosen for this year is: wellness.

Not just physical wellness, but wellness in all aspects.  I have spent the past two years in diagnosis mode and now I'm ready to spend 2018 healing. 

Healing my body.  Healing my mind.  Healing my life in general.

I want my total focus this year to be on wellness.  I know that to get anywhere close to where I was before I started having issues, I'm going to have to work hard and I'll need to stay focused.  It's going to be hard some days and easier others but if I can keep my eye on the ball, I think I'm going to feel better inside & out.

Whew!  If you made it through all that, you deserve a prize!  I just wanted to explain why I chose that word and why it's so important to me this year.  I have specific goals that I've set to go along with this and my other plans for this year but I'm going to share those in another post.

Fair warning:  I've been doing pretty much nothing but reading about wellness, productivity, designing the life you want, etc. lately.  I really want to blog about what I've learned on those subjects and what is working in our house!  Would you all want to see that?  


  1. This word is perfect! I can't wait to follow along with this journey of yours! I actually listened to your latest insta stories this morning while getting ready. I feel like you should have a podcast, haha, just sharing all this stuff!

  2. Love the wellness idea. Isn't it reaffirming when someone says, "No, this isn't normal... but let me help you with this piece of it..."? I'm with you - for the last few years I've looked at everything going on in my life and said, yeah, there's no way I can add a kid to this madness. I'm excited to see where 2018 takes you and what I can learn from your wellness journey. :)