Weekly Favorites

Happy Friday!

It's been a long week this week!  Since we were out shoveling and plowing snow all weekend last weekend, this has felt more like a 12 day week!  We are looking forward to hopefully a very quiet weekend.  We have a few house chores, a movie and just relaxing planned and are very much looking forward to it!

Before we officially kick off the weekend, I wanted to share a few of this week's favorites with you!

 1. Snow!  I'm such a fan of a good snowy day.  We rarely get a lot of snow in Kentucky anymore so I'm always super excited when we finally do!  Especially now that we own a snow plow for our lawn care company.  Sledding, reading a good book and being home are just perfect snow activities. We've really enjoyed having snow this week & are hoping for more before winter is over!

2. All the amazing blog reviews on our planners!  I still get so excited anytime a new order comes in or someone posts something about our products on social media.  I am so proud of the product we have created and am thankful for each and every order and kind word.  You can see some of the review posts below:

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3. My new treadmill!  My in-laws bought me a treadmill for Christmas that I had been wanting and I love it so far!  I'm going to share a review on it soon because it's super affordable and fold-up.

4. Finally starting to get caught up post-holidays!  I am just now starting to feel like we're getting our house and lives back together after the holidays.  I fell behind on a lot during the crazy holiday season because we were either hosting, traveling or shipping planner for about 7 weeks straight.  I'm getting all our files reorganized, getting on a better schedule and just basically trying to feel like I've got my stuff together again.

5. Reading.  I didn't spend much time at all reading last year and I love to read so I'm trying to make more time for it this year.  I have a large stack of awesome self-improvement and organization books I'm reading right now and I can't wait to share a review of them! 

6. I've been sharing my goals & intentions for this year all this week on the blog & am super excited to check in with you all on how it's all going throughout the year.  I have some big health goals for this year & am determined to see some improvement!  Check out the posts below:

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend & I'll see you back here on Monday!


  1. I need to check out your planners! Three weeks into January and I have still not ordered one! Happy weekend.

  2. I need to check out your planners!! And can't wait for your book reviews! YAY for reading more!

  3. You have me wishing for snow this weekend! Too bad it's going to be in the 50's, although I can't say I hate it with how dang cold it has been! Happy Friday! Hope you guys get in some good relaxation!

  4. Oh goodness what a long week you’ve had with the snow! You enjoy a relaxing weekend to rest up!

  5. that's so awesome that you have a treadmill and it's fold-up...that's something my husband really wants! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I am proud of you and your planner business!!! You took a vision and made it into a reality and your planner is awesome!!!

  7. YAY for all the positive planner reviews!! I always smile when one pops up in my feed!! I came home from Philly last night and our tree and our wreath are still up. I've got to tackle that tomorrow, lol.