Weekly Favorites

Happy Friday!!

It's been a crazy week at work so I'm pretty excited for a weekend to recoup.  Hope you all have had a fabulous week! 

I have several favorites & thoughts from this week to share with you:

These joggers from Walmart.  So comfy!! They are on clearance in store only now it looks like so go grab a pair!  The quality is amazing and I love that they don't break the bank.

Finally having my 2018 vision for the blog, IG and the planner business complete!  I love that I know exactly what I want to accomplish with each of these and am excited to get to work making those things happen.

I've decided to try my hand at journaling.  I picked up some basic journals at Target this week that I'm going to use to try to get all of these thoughts out of my head and record memories.  Do you journal?  If so, is this something you do every day or just a place you jot down thoughts as you think of them?

I'm obsessed with this ice roller thanks to Krista Robertson!  I use it most mornings and at night to improve my skin.  It helps with breakouts, firming up my skin and really de-puffs it too.  I know it sounds silly but I checked with my aesthetician and she said it was a great idea!  Love it.

I'm currently binge watching The Vampire Diaries and Party of Five while on the treadmill and doing laundry.  TVD for during the day and Party of Five for at night because I'm a scaredy cat.  I've seen TVD before but it still makes this gal jumpy!

A definite favorite right now is getting to use a planner that I designed everyday! I still get so excited when I see my planner or someone else using our planners.  I seriously do a happy dance with every order & appreciate it so much!  If you haven't ordered yours yet, they have been marked down.

I'm still in the process of working on losing weight but as I find items that do not fit I'm working towards my goal of a semi-capsule wardrobe!  My goal is: by this summer only have what I love and still fits and I'm thinking my colors are going to be: navy, white/creme, gray, light pink, tan and black.  Do you have a capsule wardrobe?  If so, leave me your tips.  Would you all want to see a post on what I'm getting rid of and what my final closet looks like?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend & I'll see you back here Monday!  I have a week full of great content planned for you so be sure to check back!


  1. I need to start ice rolling!!! It kind of blows my mind that is a thing, haha! Who would have thought? I know I already told you about my sister in law doing a capsule wardrobe - she loves it! She said it is nice to shop now and only look / buy things that she knows she needs. And usually it is good quality since she isn't buying a ton of things either. You definitely have to include navy in the mix . :)

  2. I love my planner and actually just finished writing a few upcoming events in it -- so thank you again! And I totally need to start ice rolling. :)

  3. Good to know that the ice roller actually works! It sounds so neat!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. I'm trying to journal more this year too! So far, it's been going well...I really enjoy it!

  5. I love the colors you are choosing for your wardrobe and I would love to see what this looks like when it's done!