Who am I?

Ever feel like the Lord is asking you to do something that you feel ill-equipped for?   Where you're like: "who, me?!  No, I'm not capable of that.  Surely you must be thinking of someone else."

I certainly have had these moments and I'm willing to bet you have too.  When we think of doing the Lord's work, I think we always think that it has to be this big grand movement that little old us would never be capable of.  That it requires some special characteristic we're missing or a certain level of knowledge.  We are so wrong.

Let's go to Exodus chapter 3.  God is speaking to Moses through the burning bush and tells him to go to Egypt and bring the children of Israel out.  Moses immediately says "Who am I?" (Exodus 3:11)  Moses did not see himself capable of carrying out this work for the Lord.

Aren't we all Moses from time to time?  When we feel the Lord asking us to do something, our immediate reaction is to think we've misunderstood, aren't capable or we don't do it out of fear.  I have found myself thinking several times "I would do that if..." because I think I'm missing some requirement on my spiritual resume to be able to complete the task.

We, like Moses, are forgetting something VERY important.

When Moses questions God on how he is to convince the people and bring them out of Egypt, God's response is "I AM THAT I AM."  He is who He is and that's all that matters. God used this as a reminder of the covenants he made with Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3; 15; 17), Isaac (Genesis 26:2-5) and Jacob (Genesis 38:13-15). A reminder that He is unchanging and will continue to fulfill His covenant.

God chooses us for the work he wants us to do even knowing what our weaknesses are.  He knows us, he knows us better than we know ourselves and yet still chooses us to serve Him.  How powerful is that?  Knowing our weaknesses and our failings, God still wants to work through us to help further His kingdom.

It doesn't matter who we think we are, it only matters who He is.  He didn't expect Moses to bring his people out of Egypt alone.  He was there every step of the way to help.  This is important for us to remember.   When He calls us to do something, we aren't alone either.  When God calls us to work for his kingdom, He is with us every step of the way and has already equipped us with everything we need. 

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  1. Amen, girl! His plans are ALWAYS greater than what we could ever even imagine! I'm always comforted by that, even though I often go kicking and screaming. ;)