Affordable Active Wear

In my quest to a healthier lifestyle, I needed to purchase some new workout wear.  I could say it was for inspiration or to feel cute but the honest truth is that it's because my old stuff is too snug.  Hopefully I won't be in those sizes long so I didn't want to purchase anything expensive!  I want cute and comfortable active wear but I also like sticking to my budget.  I found some great affordable pieces that are high quality and super affordable to share with you!


Love these tanks!  Super affordable and they hold up so well.  Also, not clingy!

These tank tops are also great and have more of the performance feel to the fabric.

I love these pullovers for wearing to and from class or when it's a cool day walking outside.


I gave this brand of leggings a try and really like them!  You can get them at Kohl's or another version at Walmart.

These are always a go-to when I catch them on sale as well!


Some affordable workout shoes:

I love the color of these!

I'm a sucker for a gray/pink combo.

Perfect color for spring!

Other Workout Favorites:

Favorite water bottle

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