Spring Game 2018

(that's a picture I tweeted of us at the game on the big screen!)

A few weeks ago, Jared and I made a quick trip to Louisville for the spring football scrimmage.  We have done this every year we have been married so far & hope to keep up the tradition each year!  It's always fun to sneak out of town for a few hours and see what the team looks like for the year.

It was really nice to see how the stadium expansion was coming along, too!  Honestly, it's been a rough couple of years to be a Louisville fan.  Thankfully, it seems like the University is now back on the right track and headed in a better direction.  Excitement is returning to sports at UofL and these two fans are quite happy about it!

The game was originally scheduled to be on a Saturday but since it was supposed to storm they moved it up to Friday evening.  I took off a little early and then we headed to Louisville to grab dinner and go to the game.  It was a fun night and much needed.  Tax season and the beginning of mowing season have hit our house like a whirlwind.  A stress free night out was just what we needed!


  1. How much fun! Definitely sounds like the perfect night away with the busy season!

  2. So fun that you got on the big screen! It looked like a great night to be outside!