Weekly Favorites

Happy Friday!

What. A. Week.  We just got back from our trip to Indianapolis late last night and now I'm back to work and on the struggle bus (#tired).  We had such an amazing trip and I will recap it next week!

Before we head into the weekend, I have a few favorites to share with you!

Favorite Finds

These jeans! (Only available online in black but I found the blue denim in stores.  Perfect if you have hips & a booty like me!

Obsessed with these tees!  Perfect for layering & they don't cling.

Shop my Amazon Favorites here all the time.  I'm trying to work on keeping this updated with all my new Amazon finds!



I am finally finishing up Present Over Perfect & I love it!  Next up are The Wellness Project and Staying Stylish.


I'm honestly not watching a lot of TV right now!  We try to watch some of our backed up shows on our DVR when we get a chance.  If I need something else to watch, I started Party of Five on Netflix.  I watched it wayyy back in the day but I don't remember a lot. 


Still listening to a few podcasts here and there.  I've been enjoying the glorious silence of our hotel room this week that has allowed me to get SO much done.  You'll see a lot more blog posts going up and this time is to thank for that :)  

Our Life/Weekend Plans

After this past week, we're ready to relax!  We are going to have a relaxed night at home tonight, having family over for a game night tomorrow night and then Sunday will be the usual church/grocery/relaxation day.

Lots of exciting things are happening on the planner front & I can't wait to share all those details with you soon!!


Mark me a big F on this lately.  I started the year determined to focus on wellness but then tax season hit.  We're also building a new office at work, hiring employees and getting everything ready to move at the end of May.  I let my health slide until the tax deadline but I refuse to make it wait another month for this office move.  I'm going to try to start getting my workouts in and making the best choices I can until we move.  After that, it's game on with getting back in shape. Y'all hold me to it!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


  1. I need to get on the wellness bus for sure!! I managed a week a couple of weeks ago and then life happened and I didn’t stick with it. I want a beach body by July! Haha. Not going to happen but I do want to be healthier and at least not feel like a beached whale. :))

  2. Your game night with family sounds so fun! Have a great weekend!