Real Talk Vol. 2

You all loved my last real talk post and I think I know why. In this influencer & social media driven world, there are so many photos/posts/etc. that make me feel like I’m not _______ enough. Insert skinny, pretty, successful, etc here. I’m guessing that happens to you too. Sometimes it’s nice to hear what’s really going on behind the scenes so you can have “YASSSSS GIRL ME TOO! Praise the Lord I’m not alone and officially crazy” moments. I’m happy to provide some of that for you in these posts. 

Sometimes being honest on the internet is scary and sometimes it’s just really flipping freeing. 

So without further delay:

- Almost 30 year old metabolism sucks. I’m pretty closely watching what I’m eating and working out 4-5 times a week and it’s coming off sooooo slow. I’m not perfect. Okay, last weekend I had a piece of cheesecake. Whatever. Most of the time I’ve been super good. Oh well. Slow & steady wins the race. Right?!

- I know I need to do all those good-for-you things each night. Brush teeth, apply lotion & all kinds of face creams, floss, pack my lunch, etc. Sometimes that happens and sometimes I’m lucky to change into my pj’s. I'm trying to get in a better routine with this but it's hard for me for some reason.

- We are moving into our new office building in 2 weeks! I’m so excited. My new office is going to be amazing but it has been a TON of work. My to-do list doubled in November and will finally go back to a new normal once we move. On a majorly positive note, our new office is so close to my house I can walk to and from work if I want. How cool is that?!

- I’ve been terrible about blogging. I put so much pressure on myself to have the perfect schedule & posts. I’m getting away from that and going back to posting what’s on my heart. That’s why we all started blogging and reading blogs right? To connect and be real with what’s going on in our lives?

- Jared and I are running 90mph right now with our work and side businesses. It’s always like this in the summer but I always have a major adjustment period to it. I’m not good at not being together very much and it makes me super cranky.

- I still haven’t painted my nails. If you’re keeping track this has been on my to-do list since Christmas. 

- Lots of exciting things are happening on the planner front & I’ll be able to share SO SOON!

- How do people do it? Seriously. The perfect bodies, hair, fashion, all organic meals, every day workouts, etc. I feel like I’m working and moving 24/7 and still can’t get it all done. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. If I win, I’m totally buying a personal chef and hiring an assistant ; ). 

- I just wasn’t a fan of the Royal wedding. Meghan looked pretty but I just didn’t think she held a candle to Kate Middleton. That dress will forever be the most iconic to me. Andddd I’m just not feeling “Stand By Me” for a wedding song, royal or not. 


  1. 31 year old metabolism isn't fun either. :) Guess it's one of those things we have to give as we grow older. :)

  2. Meghan needed to have her dress altered again. I’m with you on not holding a candle to Kate. I’m absolutely awful at a night routine. By the time I get to it... I’m way too tired to care, lol. I feel like anyone who has it all together has a lot of help that we don’t see. Just sayin. ;)