Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Budget Style)

See this chick?  That's me with my Nordstrom catalog from the sale a few years ago.  I have gotten up in the middle of the night the past few years to scour the sale and put together lots of blog posts about all the great deals.  I ordered WAY too much and tried on a ton which required lots of trips to the local packaging store for returns (free returns thankfully) and honestly too much money spent. 

It is SO easy to get swept up in the madness of the sale and order way too much.  Every blogger on the planet will share their pictures and buys and it's so easy to get sucked into thinking that you NEED something.  Now, I have gotten some great stuff from this sale for a great price I won't lie about that.  But I have also purchased things I regret. 

This year my approach to the sale is different.  Yes, I will be getting up early to shop and I will be making a blog post with my favorite finds.  What will be different?  I'm shopping with a much more limited budget.  We have decided to do a major remodel on our house, have several trips planned and savings goals for this year.  Jared and I want to put all our extra money towards those so priorities wise this sale falls after all that. 

My game plan for shopping the sale is to find budget friendly items that I actually need to add to my closet this fall and potential Christmas gifts for family and friends.  I like to grab a few gifts now (if it's something I really think they'll want) to save us money later in the year.  A couple things I am looking for:  work clothes (desperate for some work tops/pants/dresses), some basic earrings (studs that are appropriate for work/play), a few beauty department items if they're on sale, good deals on a few casual weekend outfits, workout leggings and some new shoes (running/flats/sandals).  Now that sounds like a lot but I'm just sharing the categories I'm going to be shopping for.  I have an overall budget I intend to stick to so I will have to make a list of everything I find and then prioritize.  

I highly recommend making a list of what you need so that you don't get sucked into buying a lot of things you don't.  Nothing says you can't change your mind and end up with something different you forgot about needing.  Having a list will just give you a greater chance of staying focused and under budget. 

PLEASE do me a favor and don't get so sucked into the hype that you spend too much money.  I love blogging and other bloggers but let's be honest a $500 watch, $250 boots and $200 jeans just aren't reasonable for most people.  Please don't feel like there's something wrong if you can't afford to buy the items they are recommending.  The Nordstrom sale is a huge money maker for big bloggers (full disclosure if you click on a link I post to an item I make $0.07.  I get nothing extra if you buy it.  Just don't want you to think I'm getting rich off your blog support - I'm not.  I greatly appreciate your support of my blog though!!!) 

Tomorrow morning I will be posting my favorite budget friendly finds for you here!  I won't overwhelm you with posts on this subject.  My plan is to make one post tomorrow and then just update it with what is still available when the sale goes public next week. 

Have fun shopping!  I'm excited to see what's available.  Be sure to check back here to see my picks tomorrow! 


  1. I am super excited about the sale!! And definitely have to keep my budget in mind this year with all the house stuff!