Budget Like A Boss

Happy Monday! There is no better day to talk about money than the first day of the week. It makes the dragging yourself out of bed stuff a little easier on the eyes when money talk is involved. This is especially true on today's blog because I'm going to let you in on some tips that will help you have more of it! I'm hitting on budgeting today, but don't be scared. The 'b' word is a little intimidating and lacks a little excitement unless you're a numbers gal like your girl here. But I am here to tell you, it can be your fav word especially when you notice your bank account has put on a few pounds.

First things first...let's get a little Hunger Games going on here. Who is volunteering as tribute? Something has to go. The whole point of a budget is to decide where your money is going and how much of it should go there each month. But to get the dice rolling, it is best to see where you think you can cut. My top three areas that spending can get a little out of hand are food, clothes, and cleaning products.

Food. Budgeting in this category isn't the new diet plan. I am not telling you not to eat, but I am telling you this area of spending is 'the rabbit hole' of your paycheck. Eating out will drain your bank faster than that toxic friend that keeps calling you about her failed relationships. Solution...eat at home more, pack your lunch and snacks, but be smart about it. Sometimes we make this switch a little too confidently by blowing a bunch of money at the grocery store. Instead, check your pantry and make recipes that use up ingredients you already have. 

Clothes. I have spent WAY too much money on clothes over the years. $10 for this, how could I not buy it?! Waste. Of. Money. Buy quality classic pieces that will last and move towards a minimal or capsule wardrobe that you can mix and match. When you only buy trendy pieces, you will constantly feel the need to redo your closet each year. Thank goodness we are moving toward individual styling and 'everything goes' fashion. 

Cleaning products. Make your own! I started doing this a year ago and it saves so much money and makes me feel safer when I clean not using chemical filled products. Check out my blog on DIY Cleaning products here

Now that you can cut some areas that will instantly pad your wallet, let's talk about how to prep for disaster. There's nothing worse than feeling on top of the financial world when you see your bank account looking pretty. Unfortunately, life can mess up that pretty very quickly. Unexpected expenses like to rear their head to see how strong you really are. The solution here is really easy...be consistent and be realistic. Always have a set amount you move to savings each month. Put it in a separate account so that you know you have a safety net. Do NOT leave it in your checking account. It will succumb to an early death. Out of sight, out of mind. By moving it into a savings, it is a little further out of reach. Also, always overestimate expenses. Realistically, you know that things are going to break or go out. When you know something is going to have to be addressed that month, be sure that you really consider the cost and then add a little to it when budgeting. 

So now we're cutting, we're adding, but maybe we still need a little help. In walks the dream boat...aka the budget tool. To really make you feel legit and committed, pick some great tools to help you get you to your budget goals. You'll soon find out that these aren't just for arm candy, they really do help. Here are my suggestions. 

Find an organization method. Whether it’s online tracking or excel find something that works for you. Know where your money goes. Our Essential Planner's even have budgeting pages to help you stay organized. 

Two checking accounts. My biggest money tip of all! Automatically put what you need to pay your bills each month in a separate account that you can have them all automatically deducted from. So many people have tried this trick after I told them about it and love it! It’s there to cover your bills and you have what’s left to cover food, gas, etc. 

An actual budget. Know exactly where your money is supposed to go each month. If you don’t control your money, your money will control you. If you have a plan, it’s a lot easier to stick to than just hoping you save enough. Sometimes you just have to look that monster straight in the face. Don't rely on estimates, and don't make assumptions. Most all online banking systems now have expense tracking. Use it to your advantage so that you can be detailed within your budget. 

I could talk about this for days, but these are just some great solid tips to get you started. A quick and dirty guide to budgets is just what we all need this Monday. Go out this week and get your money girl...you deserve to be the queen of your account. 


  1. I'm such a fan of budgets! My husband and I have one for our household stuff and bills but I also have one that I set for myself each month!! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  2. Some great tips! Thanks for sharing.