How to Fool Yourself in 5 Ways

We are our own worst I right? #felt

This is something that I have learned on a personal level over the past few years as I've journeyed down the health path once or twice or maybe a bit more. We all struggle. We get overwhelmed with all the fads...should we be Keto or Caveman or Vegan? Then you dive into Pinterest to pin all the recipes and exercises. You buy the clothes, you post the motivational quotes...and get in your own way.

It just all becomes too much. Too many rules to follow, too much emotional baggage, basically...too much fear. You get in your own way to really slay the health game. I know this game. I get busy with work and life. I can't find the time. I indulge in my fav fat food. I fall back into my habits.

I'm not here to sell you on the latest diet trend. I am here to give small accomplishable goals that will be a benefit to your health journey. I'm here to help you fool yourself.

Here are my 5 healthy swaps that you can make, and you'll never even know it.

1. Soda

Do you love the bubbly, but not the sugar that comes with? Soda can be one of the most addicting bad habits for a healthy lifestyle. I know it has been a hard one for me to kick. I loved Coke! If you absolutely MUST have a soda, this is a great substitute. Don't fear. I'm not going to say La Croix. This option gives you the bubbly and the sweet without the grams. Zevia is a line of stevia sweetened sodas. They come in a ton of flavors.

2. Milk

Do you love dairy, but it doesn't love you back? Dairy can not only be harsh on our digestion, but it often carries a ton of sugar in it. It is one of those things that diet trends have been running from for years. If you feel like dairy is not your friend, but you have to have that creamy addition to your daily coffee or smoothie...then try the coconut. Coconut is great for iced drinks, and they even make a coconut creamer now too for you coffee addicts.

3. Nutella

Nutella changed our lives, right? This wonderful hazelnut spread is life giving, but also calorie/fat/sugar giving. In walks a product called PB2...PB2 is a powdered peanut butter that also comes in a chocolate flavor. It is amazingly low in the bad stuff. All you have to do is add water, which is nice because you can control the thickness of it. Adding a little more water, makes it easy to maybe over your yogurt or oatmeal...yummm.

4. Sour Cream

Everyone loves Taco Tuesday, and there are so many hacks at making tacos healthier. Sour cream, a staple to the taco, can easily be substituted with greek yogurt. Adding greek yogurt to your repertoire can add a pack full of protein and some great bacteria for your belly (probiotics). But it doesn't just stop at tacos, there are tons of recipes that use greek yogurt over less healthy ingredients...mayo being one.

5. Ranch

Ranch, the epitome of condiments. If you love ranch so much that it has its own spot on your plat every meal, then you need to listen here. As much as we love this little bottle of goodness, it is packed with not so lovely ingredients. Most Ranch has MSG that doesn't set well with too many folks. If you are looking for a less intrusive product, try something like Bolthouse Farms Classic Ranch.

Stop getting in your own way, and make some switches to your health regiment. Do it even if you have to fool yourself. There are some great alternatives to the things you love. You just have to give them a try and make it work with your lifestyle. Switch where you can, and indulge where you can' moderation of course!


  1. Substituting Greek yogurt for sour cream is one of my favorite things. Truly cannot tell a difference, and it makes me feel so much better!

  2. I just heard about Zevia today. Have you tried it? Just wondering how it tastes :). The friend who told me about it had not tried it yet.