Weekly Favorites

Wow. Where did the week go? I think after anxiously awaiting the weekend, when it arrives, I always think the week flew by. But it is here, and it's time for my weekly favorites!
Aren't we always on the quest for the perfect bra? Well, I've fallen in love.
http://shopstyle.it/l/ReLz - obsessed with this bra.  Plenty of support if you're smaller chested and super comfortable! Plus, it lays so well you don't even see it under your clothes!


I'm trying to get back on the healthier bandwagon and that means upping my water intake. I'm a water bottle girl. I have to have one on me all the time if I'm going to get my water in. Getting quite comfy with these...http://shopstyle.it/l/ReLD  I love these water bottles for on the go!  

Speaking of healthier choices, I've felt a need to be outside this week so I've restarted the 10K runner app to get my exercise in instead of hitting the barre this week.  I love that it tells me when to run, when to walk and has a built in plan to build up my running endurance.


We have made so much progress!  Can't wait to show you before & afters.  If you want to follow along, follow me on IG!

Netflix documentaries

I've gone down a rabbit hole of watching Netflix documentaries lately and I cannot get enough.  Current faves are Minimalism & The True Cost.  I highly recommend giving them a watch! They are not judgey but they definitely made me think and implement a few changes in our house.  I think I'll do a whole post on what I learned from each of these one day!  Very eye opening.

Here's to a happy weekend! 


  1. I’m on the bandwagon myself! I am on week 4 of the 5k Runner app. A 10k seems too daunting of a goal for me. I have lost almost ten pounds in just one month. Trying to make smarter choices, like drink more water. :) I definitely need to check out that bra!

  2. Having a good water bottles makes a world of difference in getting my water in! Those days when I forget it at home are usually so bad!