Home Renovation Update

Whew!  It has been about a month since we started our home renovation projects and we have made so much progress!  I'm so thankful we chose the contractors we did because they have done such an amazing job!  So many of you all have been interested in what we're up to so I decided to do a little update!  I will be posting before/afters of each space in separate posts with all the details once they are complete but I wanted to pop in with a quick overview update today!


Currently, my office is painted and we are in the process of adding in bookcases and trim & crown molding on the new wall.  I love the color we chose & can't wait to see this space come together with new artwork and pops of color.  We went all white on the walls, white bookcases and a white desk so we'll be adding pops of color with the rug, chairs and decor!  

My biggest desire was for this to be a clean and well decorated space (it's the first thing you see walking in the front door) that had clean lines and functional work space.  One of our biggest complaints working in the old office was that there wasn't enough space to actually work around our iMac.  I believe we've solved that problem in the new layout and I can't wait to share!  

Currently, our dining room table is functioning as our office so I can't wait to officially move into this new space this weekend!

Guest Room:

We moved our office to the new space so the old office is the new guest room!  This is the smallest of our three bedrooms so we decided to use it for a guest room since that gets the least use.  We kept only a bed, side table and chair in this room to keep it functional and spacious.  It still needs wall decor and a few small touches but it is the most well put together room in our house right now which makes it my favorite!  This was my second white room!  Jared was very anti-white paint but I managed to compromise on a white office & white guest bedroom.  

In full disclosure, I wanted the clean white look but also white walls photograph best.  We can use these two spaces for blogging & IG photos which is super important on the business side of things.


Spare Room:

We decided to make our old guest room just a spare room of sorts.  I needed somewhere for my treadmill and planners (yes, I stock and ship all those orders from my house by myself!) and Jared needed space for some of his things.  We went with a neutral gray in this room and I love it!  I hated the green it was before.  It's amazing how much this room is going to allow our house to breathe.  We've basically been living with planners everywhere so I'm adding bookcases to this space to get all of that organized and keep the mess from spreading around our house.


We have added an exhaust fan and recessed lights as well as a new lighting fixture above the vanity.  We have ordered a new vanity and countertop.  Once it comes in, that will be installed, we'll hang a new mirror and the room will be getting a new paint color and new faucets, light switch cover, shower curtain, etc.

Dining Room:

The new wall of the office is the other side of the new wall you see here.  We are moving the chandelier to center the table between the two windows, adding in recessed lights and then are waiting on our new cabinet built-ins.  We will have a pantry and some upper & lower cabinetry on the short wall and then upper & lower cabinets along the longer wall.  This room will be getting new paint and decor as well.  


After the dining room cabinets are in, we will be taking the doors down in here to repaint the boxes & then add new doors that will match the ones in the dining room so they will all match.  I cannot wait for this project!  Lack of kitchen space (as you can tell in these photos) is one of the major pain points of our home. The addition of cabinetry in the dining room and a pantry (most excited about this) is going to allow me to reorganize and not have to rearrange a cabinet every time I need something.  The kitchen will be painted the same color as the living room.

Living Room:

This room has a new tv and is getting a fresh coat of paint for now!  We are going to be switching out the sofa, rug, coffee table and most of the decor but we've decided to hold off on this. Renovations have been expensive so we want to save up some more money before we do that.  We've already picked out the couch and will probably order it in January.


Board and batten is up!  Our house is L-shaped which makes for a long hallway.  It was so dark in it (even after adding some recessed light) so we decided to brighten it up by doing board and batten halfway up, a lighter gray on top & less decor.  I have felt for a while that we had too much decor on these walls so I'm excited to see what the board & batten adds and then add just a few touches of decor to finish it off.

Mudroom Closet:

My dad did this project for us!  This was a coat closet which was helpful but we really needed a space for coats, shoes, and a drop zone for bags, purses, etc.  I'm so thankful my dad did this for us!  It needs to be painted white and have the hooks added and then we can't wait to start using it!

Master Bedroom:

We rearranged this room and moved some decor around.  I need to add a rug and a few small touches and then it will be complete.  We are adding an exhaust fan and new light to the attached bathroom but that's all in this space!


Our screened in porch is complete!  We plan to change up the patio furniture a little next year and add some decor but I'm leaving it as is for now.  We love being able to relax out here and watch football/tv!  

Jared is working on redoing all of our landscaping.  He is adding a landscape edge with block, replacing our mulch with rock and removing/adding plants as needed.  We had the three big trees removed from our front yard so that is having to be tilled up and reseeded as well.

All our exterior doors have been replaced, we are removing all the wrought iron from the outside and will add black shutters in the spring.  We are also taking down this brick wall to make it easier to get in and out of our garage.

Wow!  Typing all that out reminds me how much we've accomplished & how much we still have left to do!  Right now, we are hoping to be done with everything by the end of October.  We'll wrap up all the painting and projects for now on Friday and then everyone will be back later this month when the new storm door, vanity and cabinets arrive to keep installing and painting.  The new kitchen doors will be here in October and then we'll just need to finish the little touches.

Our main goal in this renovation was to get all the big projects out of the way. We plan on taking the next year to redecorate, organize and really get things the way we want them.  This way we can pick one or two projects a month like new curtains in one room and a rug in another so we don't get overwhelmed mentally or financially.


  1. You guys have done so much! I can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. It’s all looking so great! Can’t wait to see it all finished!

  3. Loving all the progress already! And obsessing over that hallway <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. LOVE all of it!! On your mudroom closet did y'all have to widen the door frame to make it a little bigger or was it already that wide? We have thought about doing something similar to this to our entryway closet, but we would have to widen the door frame (& take the door off lol) and I just don't know if we want to do that!