How I Deal with Stress

I live a completely stress-free and worry-free life.  Nope.

Not even close. I know I don't even have 10% as much to deal with as some other people do and yet sometimes my stress load feels like it's going to crush me if I don't take steps to stop it.  Although I do not have the perfect solution, I have found a few ways to cope that really do help & I wanted to share those with you all!


I love to go for a long run/walk when I'm feeling overwhelmed.  No music, no phone calls.  Just me, my feet and the pavement.  There is something so basic about breathing in your nose and out your mouth and focusing on your pace that is grounding to me. Getting your endorphins up is never a bad thing when you're anxious.


Truly baring my heart & giving it all to God is a big help.  Ultimately, He has full control & already has it handled anyway so sometimes I just need to remind myself that even when I feel like things are spinning out of control - God's got it. 

Healthy Eating

I truly believe that food is the greatest medicine (good or bad) to our bodies.  If we are eating healthy & clean foods, I truly believe that affects our mentality and how we approach life each day.  I am the worst (due to my crazy schedule) about eating for convenience and not making sure that I'm truly nourishing my body.  Living off processed foods, caffeine and sugar is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.  I can tell a HUGE difference in my stress & anxiety level when I'm eating right and exercising regularly.


You know they always say that laughter is the best medicine!  Sometimes I just need to get out of my head for a little while.  When that's the case, I turn to things that I know will make me laugh.  Clips of a favorite comedy show, a friend or family member who always knows how to lighten the mood or mindless TV that just takes my mind off everything!

Poster Board

Sometimes I just need to do a big ole brain dump.  When that needs to be done, my favorite thing to do is grab a big piece of poster board and just write out everything.  All the things I need to do, my goals, what's stressing me out.  One time, I plastered a whole wall with poster board and went to town.  Getting it all out helps you to step back, get a visual and make a plan to get things handled. 

I'm still working on learning how to cope with feeling stressed/anxious, but I promise to always share with you all the things that help me and hopefully they'll help you too!  I have found that it's easier to know what to do that will help but harder to actually implement those things on a daily basis to keep the stress away.  I'm trying to develop daily habits that will help keep me on track but when you get busy those are so easy to let slide.  Just remember as long as you're taking baby steps that's what matters! 

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