Morning Routines that Slay

We all roll our eyes at those overachievers. You know Susan who gets up early just to clean her house,
maybe does a quick little craft, and bakes a pie for later ALL before making it to work looking well 
rested. We all know a Susan, and yeah, we all want to be more like her. While I'm not quite at the
Susan level, I have learned some easy ways to feel like I rocked my morning like....yeah, Susan.
It's all about multitasking.

Clean while you mess

Make your bed right when you get up… Throw the comforter up and straighten the pillows. It doesn’t
have to be a full tuck and fluff.

Throw in a load of laundry… As soon as you get out of the shower, grab your clothes off the ground, 
out of the hamper or off that chair and throwing them in the wash. Dry them later.

Wipe your bathroom down after you get ready… Clean the shower while showering. Wipe down the
sink after you do your makeup, and put everything back up when you are done with it.

Boss from bed

Check your email… Pick three emails to respond with automatic email responses that make it quick
and easy! 
Set three goals for the day… Write down your goals for the day in your essential planner. Doing it first
thing helps you stay directed all day. 
Review your stats… Quickly look over your social stats, blog stats, or even revenues to keep things
in check.

Bills for breakfast

Schedule bills for the week… Write down your “to pay” list in your essential planner. You can schedule
them later if you don’t have time. 
Take fridge inventory… While you are grabbing your breakfast, write down your grocery list in your

Pay what's due… Even if it's one bill, write the check or pay online and check it off.


  1. I like to clean as I go--it just makes the house feel so much cleaner when really it's only surface level stuff!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. My husband keeps saying that he's going to clean the kitchen at night instead of waiting until the morning... yet... it remains a morning task. Clean while you mess is excellent advice, lol.