Weekly Favorites

I plowed through this week like an angry bull. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing! Lol! But I made it. Heavy sigh. The weather has certainly got me in those feel good moods, and the fact that so much is getting done on the house. So here goes nothing...my weekly favs!

House Update

Three rooms have been painted, the board and batten has been installed, and the bookcases for my office are being installed. Read my latest blog to see all the pics and what is going on in each area of renovation.

Run Lady Run

If you got those thighs that love each other and a body that moves when it runs, these shorts will be your new best friend. I love them because they stay in place! Bike shorts all the way!

Ikea Trip

So I made my first Ikea trip this past Sunday. I desperately needed decor for my new office, and I know everyone raves about this place. And while I did find some great stuff and even a few things to do some Ikea hacks in our home, it was so overwhelming. Have you been? What do you think?

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  1. IKEA can definitely be a little overwhelming! I feel like you either have to go in for specific things and just get in and out, or allot yourself plenty of time to just wander.