Weekly Favorites

Week ✓  Whew. Glad I got that behind me! Lol. I'm slowly gaining reign back over my home and life and feeling good about the direction that things are going. So here are my weekly faves so you can feel good too!

1. My new favorite bra

Finding a good bra is SO hard & I struggle to justify spending money on one.  Mine have been looking so ratty and just have no support left so I decided it was time to go find some good bras!  When Jared and I road tripped to Indy to buy my new office furniture, I stopped in to Soma to pick some new ones!  I'm obsessed with this one so far!  I have one other one I purchased that I haven't worn yet so if I love it too I'll share the link with you soon!  

2. Freddy's Veggie Burgers

Have you tried a Freddy's Veggie Burger yet?  I order mine lettuce wrapped, no onion, no Freddy's sauce with baked lays & an unsweet tea!  SO good.  I've talked about this before but I'm just not a big meat eater, especially poultry.  I went 6 months without meat last year and felt amazing.  I've actually been thinking about going back to not eating it.  If you like to eat mainly veggie like me, go give this burger a try & comment below with some easy lunch/dinner meal ideas that are non-meat.

3. Best crossbody ever!

I am not one to spend a lot of money on purses.  I appreciate nice bags but I also realize that they get thrown on the floor and taken into nasty public bathrooms and I just struggle to justify that expense.  I thought long and hard about buying this bag and have put it to good use for months so when I say that this is the best crossbody ever, you know I mean it!  I love being able to take this with me on a daily basis and just throw it into my backpack when I go to work.

4. Ikea Office Built-Ins

A lot of people have asked about our new office bookcases.  I will go into full detail in a full reveal post soon but these are the ones we purchased and had our contractors build in and frame out!  You can see a sneak peek of this space here.  

5. A somewhat quiet weekend.

Life has been crazy lately (more on that soon) and I really just need some time to reset and get our house and my life back in order.  I'm super thankful for a weekend that *should* be pretty relaxed and give me time to get things together.  It's so easy to get wrapped up in the picture perfect in the blog & social media world, but let me just tell you it's all kinds of messy, stressed and a hot mess around here lately.  

Hope you all have an amazing weekend & I'll see you back here on Monday!


  1. That's a beautiful new bag!! I love all the colors it comes in :) xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. We have a Soma store here and I keep meaning to go in and check them out. I need some new bras desperately bad! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I hope you get a quiet weekend and enjoy taking a break from everything!! (I hate shopping for bras... not as much as I hate shopping for jeans or shoes... but pretty close. Glad you found one that works!)

  4. I just realized we have Freddy's around here - I need to go try out your order!