Announcing Something New

I've been teasing that there was something new coming and I am so excited to finally tell you what it is!!! I'm launching a podcast!  I am SO SO SO excited/nervous/pumped/scared/joyous and more to launch this new venture!

The first episode will launch Tuesday, January 1st! Kicking off the new year with my first episode :)

There will be lots more details to come in the next few months so stay tuned to hear the name and the exciting guests I have lined up so far!  I am going to be talking to lots of ladies on a variety of lifestyle topics who I know will be answering questions we all have and providing us with so much good info and tactical ideas!  

If there is someone you would love to see join me for a podcast episode be sure to tag them in the comments in my podcast announcement post here!  I cannot wait to share more on this very soon.


  1. that is so cool. Congrats on the podcast. I can't wait to listen to it!!!

  2. That is wonderful - congratulations! xo, Biana-

  3. Wow that is SO exciting!! Congratulations!