Guide to Self-Care

Taking care of yourself, what does that even mean? We see the word "self care" all over the place now, but we aren't always good about actually turning that word into action. Or at least I know I’m not.  I’m the worst.  I make a plan of all the things I need to do to take care of myself & then life happens.  I oversleep, have too much going on or feel like I need to accomplish one more thing.  The bottle full of lotion I should put on every day and unused Crest whitening strips can be evidence of this.It took 6 months (!!!) for me to take the time to sit down and paint my nails this year.  Self care to me means more than just taking care of the outside, it’s taking care of yourself inside too.  It really is a delicate balance of taking care of your physical needs (skincare, exercise, healthy eating, etc) and your spiritual/mental/emotional needs (sleep, quiet time, bible study, time with family/friends).

I’m determined to finally start taking better care of myself.  My health is suffering again, I can feel myself really slipping back into my health issues from last year and that’s a dangerous and scary place to be in.  I promised myself that this year would be different and I would make a change.  It may already be September but the year isn’t over yet!  Let’s commit to actually making a change and start taking care of ourselves now, today, because we deserve it!  

Spend time dreaming about it

Half the fun is thinking about it and dreaming about it. Creating an anticipation around it will make it feel so rewarding. Plus, putting energy toward it makes it more likely to happen. Think about what really recharges you and makes you feel the best!  That is where the majority of your self-care time should be spent.  When you feel better, you really will be more productive, happier and a better wife, mom, friend, employee, etc.!

Pick your passion

Make a list of things you'd love to do.  It’s important to recharge.  Sometimes it takes sitting down and really thinking about what you enjoy to get a clear answer on how to spend some fun time recharging!

Do a little Pinterest planning

Make a self care board. Pin things you'd like to buy, recipes you'd like to try, services and activities you want to do. This helps visualize it! Now, pick one thing to try each week.  One major mistake I’ve made in the past is trying to overhaul my schedule, self care, routine, or anything else all at once.  Gradual changes will last. Pick one new self-care challenge to do each week.  Maybe start with a water goal the first week, an earlier bedtime the next, a new moisturizer to incorporate the next.  Build upon your challenges each week so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

Stick to it

Write it down, actually schedule things, put the money aside. If you make a plan and schedule what you want to do, it is so much more likely to happen.  If you don’t control your schedule, your schedule will control you.  Set aside the time in your day and make it happen.  I’ve finally told myself that if I can make time to scroll Facebook and Instagram, I can make time to take care of myself.

Pinky promise me that you'll do this. Let's keep each other in check. I’m going to challenge myself this week to stay on top of my water intake.  Staying hydrated always makes me feel better and keeps my cravings in check!  I will add in a new thing each week and share on Instagram so be sure to follow me there and let me know what you’re doing to start and stick to a self-care routine!


  1. Good luck with your water intake this week! I always notice such a difference on those days where I don't drink enough. And your comment about nail polish has reminded me I want to paint my nails - adding that to the list for tonight!

  2. I'm with you on the water intake... it makes such a difference when I really focus on it. I got off when I was traveling two weeks ago, and I definitely need to re-prioritize it. One of my friends convinced me to get a manicure with her on that trip, and it's made such a difference on my nails... I just need to get them repolished now. Why is it so hard to do the little things that makes us feel better?? ;)