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April 2022 Amazon Favorites

I keep these under the sink in our kitchen for a quick hand wipe off before snacks/meals if needed. Super handy!

I keep these travel versions in my car & purse for when we're out and about! Our little guy has bad eczema and these do not irritate it as much as the more traditional hand wipes.

This was our son's reward for his first night in his big boy bed! If your child loves cats, this thing is awesome! It meows and runs around and is super super cute.

I love both of these! It's a big deal everyday for our little guy to get to pick out his "gummy" and he gets so excited.

I bought these to paint for a gift and they were a perfect size to put a small plant/succulent in.

Y'all. This is the best thing you can buy for your house. It's so reasonably priced and works great! I'm a Shark loyalist (you can catch me hating on my Dyson daily ugh!) and it lives up to the hype. We have one upstairs and downstairs and they make a huge difference.

We're in a big "finding treasure" phase and I snagged this to have on hand for a reward when needed or to use as a Christmas present later this year.

I bought this on a flash sale one day to use as our homeschool cart when we start our preschool curriculum this fall. I've already started organizing it and I love it! I also love that it's on wheels so I can roll it around to wherever we want to work.

These are an alternative dupe to the Native ones for a fraction of the cost. I bought the exact same ones last year as well!

Not sure which person in my family loves this purchase more but let's just say we're all big fans! It does a really great job.

*I am an Amazon Associate and may receive a small commission from a purchase of these items.



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