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December Amazon Favorites

Our little guy loves the stars & the moon! He always asks Momma to get the moon for him. I found this star projector and we all love it! He loves laying in bed pointing at the stars and it's honestly super relaxing.

When we converted from a crib to a full bed, I purchased this step stool he could use to get in and out and it's great!

I love this tablet! I keep it in my diaper bag for church and going out to eat. It's a nice non-technology option that's super light weight and I enjoy drawing on it with him!

We use this at any sign of a sore throat or sinus issues. It makes a huge difference for us!

I put this in my water each day for an immune system boost. I also use this or elderberry gummies for our son.

We use to do daily prize bins of just junk toys basically but I am on a warpath against clutter at our house so we've switched to using these sticker charts. If he gets his magnets on his responsibility chart for the day then he gets a sticker. Once the sticker chart is full he gets to pick an activity for us to go do. This has worked really well for us so far!

These are the organizing bins I use in our pantry. I love that they're clear so you can see everything! Sometimes I can find them at TJ Maxx but not often when I need them so I normally grab them from Amazon.

I love these! I have one in my shower & I actually bought this one in December for a Christmas present. I love the whole brand and have the shower mirror as well. They are easy to move if you want and have held up super well.

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