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February Amazon Favorites

We tossed all our board game boxes and put each individual game into one of these bags. Love!!! They take up a ton less room now and no more awkward stacking of the boxes in 20 different shapes and sizes.

I am so excited about these as a birthday gift because we'll be putting them to use the week after his birthday. These are made for little ones eyes and I think they will be much easier for him to use than others we've bought before.

Science experiments and lessons are super popular in our home at the moment and I am so excited for this! Perfect starter microscope I think he will go nuts for!

These are a kitchen game changer! I mounted ours on the inside of a cabinet door and LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Our star loving guy will love this! He can use it to project stars, the moon, constellations, etc on the wall. This will be a birthday gift.

We have officially entered the Lego Duplo stage. I don't want to have a ton of the kits because too much of anything is overwhelming but this was just too perfect for his birthday.

We LOVE these! Our son wanted forks and spoons like Momma & Daddy. These look just like ours but smaller.

We have the indoor version of these and they are a huge hit so I grabbed the outdoor ones to keep in our park basket (I'll share more about this soon) we keep in my car.

We're big on scavenger hunts in our house lately so I snagged this on sale for an Easter gift. I love that it has cards for indoor and outdoor so it can be used all seasons.

We do not have a ton of shelf space in our shower in the master suite and so much of it was used up with my regular soap and my charcoal bar. This is the perfect solution. It mounts to the shower wall and you can even take part of the trays out to let the excess water drain.

This is a birthday gift too. He wanted a telescope but just isn't ready for one that can really see all the way to space so this is a great starter option!

I purchased a set of 2 and used one on a kitchen cabinet door to hold saran, plastic & Reynolds Wrap. The other I'm using on my office wall. These are great!

*I am an Amazon Associate and may receive a small commission from a purchase of these items.



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