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January 2022 Amazon Favorites

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

January was a big mix of Amazon purchases! I decided to take up cake baking & decorating with our little guy and had to grab some stuff for the house as well.

Cake Book | Cake Decorating Kit | Cake Food Coloring | Cake Boards

This book was perfect for getting started with baking! I tried the recipes in there first and then did some research and tweaked until I had a recipe we loved! It is super basic with the instructions which I appreciated and the frosting recipe in there is delicious and one of my go-to's. The decorating kit has had everything I need so far so I was tickled to find it at that price!

Ugg Dupes

Love this dupe version of the mini uggs! They are so comfy and perfect to throw on with leggings. Can't wait to wear them again next winter.

Wall File Holders

Working from home means I have a LOT of paperwork to keep up with on my desk. I was tired of working around the piles & have found these to be the perfect solution. They are cute and functional!

Kitchen Tip Out Tray

Almost all kitchens have a fake drawer under the sink & it is such wasted space! We added this tip out tray and it's the perfect storage spot now for my gloves, dish brush & magic eraser.

Undercabinet Paper Towel Mount

We snagged this in an effort to save counter space & love it!

Cars Swaddle | Fleece Swaddle | Quilted Swaddle

We've owned all of these in multiple sizes & the quality is fantastic!

*I am an Amazon affiliate. Clicking on & using my links can result in a small commission paid by Amazon.


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