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June 2022 Amazon Purchases

This might be my favorite month of Amazon purchases in a long time!!

Our little guy loves getting "sush" with Mommy and wants to use chopsticks. I tried using a hair tie to tie two sticks together and it kind of worked but not really. These are perfect!! He eats with them like a pro and they are so cute & affordable! He can even use them to eat snacks and other meals just for fun.

I ordered some of these for my grandmother for her new house and then realized I could use a set for one of my bathroom drawers. Love them!

Top 10 things I said I'd never do as a parent: own a backpack leash. But here I am, judge all you want! I used to lol. I swear our little guy is like the flash and that's really scary in large crowds. He sticks pretty close to Momma 99.9% of the time but when he takes off its so quick. We haven't used it yet but I've let him wear it around the house a few times to get used to it and explained to him that it's just a safety thing for super crowded places. We'll see how it goes in actual use ha!

We love this series of goodnight books! They are super cute stories & the board books hold up really well.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching play kitchens before I bought this one. I wanted one that had fun features but that wasn't super electronic. The winning features for this one were that it has a working ice dispenser (this is a huge hit) and lots of storage! Also, we LOVE the Melissa & Doug brand!

I'm redoing the photos in our stairway gallery wall because I've never been 100% satisfied with them. A lot of the frames are really large so I ordered some mats to break up some space with the white matting and to be able to display more photos. I'm trying to find a way to share more house spaces including this wall but since 99% of the photos have our son in them and we don't post him it's complicated!

We're on a big stamp kick right now so I grabbed this set to use for a reward/Christmas present. I have a "gift closet" where I put things I collect for people throughout the year for holidays and special occasions.

We have a really large deck box we use for pool floats and accessories but needed a small box to go on our patio to hold the water table toys, balls, bubble machine, etc. This one was the perfect size!

*I am an Amazon Associate and may receive a small commission from a purchase of these items.



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