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March 2022 Amazon Favorites

March was mainly home items and one outfit lol! I LOVE all of these items.

I wanted a sign for our laundry room that was functional and decorative because the space looked too plain. This was a perfect find!

I use this on my hair and our little guy's and it smells great and works really well!

I rotate between these and Pampers Pure, whichever brand is on sale.

Pretty sure Jared got tired of me always stealing his so I snagged my own!

I made a cleaning caddy for both floors of our house and it keeps our cleaning items organized and is super easy to grab when I'm ready to clean.

I am embarrassed to admit that I never ordered my undergrad diploma (I graduated in 2010) and my MBA diploma was still in the tube from 2013 haha. Finally found these frames and they are mounted and displayed in my home office.

I love this set!! I want the functionality of having soap and lotion accessible by the sink but didn't want it to look junky. This set is super nice and matches our kitchen and the labels are waterproof!

I bought this garden bed to try at our new house this year just to see if I could still make the time, that our little guy would enjoy it and to see how much space we would need. We love it! So easy to put together and it's the perfect size for the starter garden. I think we're going to get a second one for next year because we want to grow more!

I have a long torso and short legs so rompers are normally a NO for me. I tried this one on a whim and it actually fits really well and is super comfy!

I am crazy protective as a momma anyway and choking scares me but our pediatrician recommended this grape cutter and I finally let our son try grapes lol! I even cut mine up with it now because I like the smaller pieces!

These are the hangers I use on my end of the closet. I am a huge velvet hanger fan! Saves tons of space and looks so nice.

*I am an Amazon Associate and may receive a small commission from a purchase of these items.



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