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May 2022 Amazon Favorites

Listen there are very few material items that I would truly refer to as life changing but this is one of them. Our son is really tall and was able to climb out of his bed too early. We tried converting to a toddler bed and NO ONE in our house was getting any sleep. He will fight sleep as long as humanly possible and just wouldn't go to bed since nothing was containing him anymore. I found this on Amazon and game changer!!! He's sleeping again and we can rest knowing he's safe. When he outgrows it I have no idea what our next move is haha!

I grabbed these while on sale for this fall & they're so cute! I will say they seem to run a little big.

If you follow me on Instagram, I talk about my ionic foot detox a lot. I was going to a local wellness center and paying $30 a session and then realized I could buy the same machine for the cost of 4 sessions and do it at home as much as I wanted. I love it!! It makes such a difference for me when it comes to inflammation.

Cute red rain boots! What more can I say?

It's ridiculous how often I lose my phone so I bought this hot pink case! I will say I am not losing it as much lol!

It was such a pain putting all out shoes on our little guy to just walk outside for a minute so we got him these little slip ons and they are perfect!

Jared bought these and put them on our new deck and they work so well!!

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