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Welcome! Wow, it feels so surreal to be returning to blogging. I blogged for years before and after we got married and then stopped altogether when I shut down my business several years back. I have always missed the connections I built through blogging & am so excited to be back in this space!

I hope you are excited for all the fun content I have planned and I figured I should give you a quick rundown of what to expect in this space. So much has changed since I left the blogging world. I became a mom (to the most perfect little boy), we built a new home, we went through a worldwide pandemic (that started while in the hospital having our son), I started working from home (due to said pandemic) and I bought a minivan (eating serious crow there). Safe to say - life is different!

One decision we made early on in my pregnancy was to keep our child (and any future children) off social media as much as possible. I know this is a controversial topic and zero judgment for your decisions but don't judge me back k? Innocence is lost so early in this crazy world we live in and we want to preserve our son's privacy and innocence for as long as possible. That being said, I will talk about him and my experience being a mom. You may see a picture of the back of his head or with an emoji over his face but you probably won't be seeing his adorable face on the web. Just imagine me as a child minus the bow on the head and you'll know what he looks like ha! He's my mini me and best buddy and I could not be happier being his momma.

I recently launched my Etsy shop, The Peacock Roost, so if you have little ones definitely check it out! It's full of seasonal activity kits, homemade play dough, sensory kits, printables and more!

I have so much to share of our experiences over the past 2 years and what life looks like now. Stay tuned for home content, favorite baby items, honest motherhood, real life affordable fashion options and more. Thanks for checking out my little corner of the internet and I hope you'll stick around and stay a while!



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