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Happy Friday!

Hope you all have had a fabulous week!  This week started out beautiful but turned into a long, rainy week.  Hoping I can do a little relaxing mixed with some productivity this weekend!

Before I get into this week's favorites, did you catch my other posts this week?

Favorite Finds

Obsessed with my new weekender.

Love these bowls for storing & freezing soup for a quick lunch.

My favorite vitamins.

Robe I'm ordering for spring.

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Present Over Perfect
Staying Stylish
Living Well Spending Less


I'm really changing what I'm watching lately.  Read more about that here.


 I'm officially a podcast convert!  I've never really given them a try but decided to start listening to them this week instead of having the news in the background.  It's making me feel like I'm learning instead of getting irritated or feeling negative from the news.  I'm only listening to Christian based, self improvement or business related podcasts so if you have any suggestions in those categories please send them my way!  So far, I really like the Radiant and The Happy Hour podcast.

Our Life/Weekend Plans

This weekend is going to be a little all over the place!  Jared has a work dinner and I have lots of planner work on the schedule.  We do have one relaxing day planned that I am very much looking forward to.


 I am excited to say that the pounds are starting to come off.  Hopefully this keeps up!  I'm trying to go to Pure Barre 2-3x per week and just move more in general. 

With eating, I'm trying to reduce carbs and sugar and focus on eating more protein and veggies.  Just being conscious of what I'm eating and making healthier choices is making me feel so much better.

Blog Posts I'm Loving This Week

 Krista's post about ice rolling! (you all know I'm obsessed with my ice roller)

Brittany's post about thank you notes (such a lost art & so important!)

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!  If you want to keep up with me on the weekends, be sure to follow me on Instagram.
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